For Adults

1 to 1 bespoke photography workshop!

Great pictures are at the reach of your hand, if you learn few basic things about your camera!

World seen through viewfinder is intriguing and captivating. For me photography is way to express my gratitude to this world, my love for simple things. It’s a perfect way to relax my mind too.

How to take better pictures?

This is what you will learn during this workshop.

We will look at your pictures to see where improvement needs to take place. Then we will go through simple camera settings and we will proceed to assigned task creating interesting images with your surrounding.

  • You don’t need any photography skills or fancy camera to attend this workshop. It’s about what you see, not your equipment.
  • You have a chance to start new, exciting and accessible hobby that is very therapeutic for the mind.

Workshop takes place in East Finchley/ Muswell Hill area, we will look for hidden treasures!

After the workshop I will still be available for telephone consultation.

Price : £ 95


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