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My adventure with photography started when my sister bought me a camera for my birthday. She wanted me to take pictures during her wedding reception, at least she thought it was a great idea.. well that’s what sisters are for! As I really didn’t like taking pictures at that time, I decided to leave that duty to the photographer she hired and focus on a bridesmaid’s duties. That was a period in my life when I felt really lonely in London, so I thought that taking that camera with me as a companion may be a good idea. Slowly I learned that looking at the world via a viewfinder is something I really enjoy. Expressing myself while creating unique images became an important part of my life that has continue for the past 6 years.

Photography took a huge part in my recovery from depression. When I take pictures I meditate, I let my mind free and I’m fully present in the moment, focusing my attention on the subject. It’s bit like drinking cup of delicious coffee enjoying every sip!

In my art I desire to express my gratitude to this world, my love for simple things. I want to reconnect people with the beauty of everything that surrounds us and also the beauty within us. By experimenting with light, textures and colours I like to create images that awake the imagination or just simply comfort the soul.

Other facts about me:

  • I’m Polish
  • I don’t eat meat
  • I came to London because of unexpected interview Friday 13th
  • Conversations about power of mind are my favorite ones
  • I love dancing, challenging myself, looking for treasures in charity shops


Galleries and artists group I collaborate with:

Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com )

East Finchley Open Artists ( www.eastfinchleyopen.org.uk)

ArtCan (www.artcan.org.uk)

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