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Latitude Festival 2017 / The Wonderful World of Dance

Pictures from my adventure at Latitude Festival! 🙂 What a joy to escape London for a day! Not mentioning amazing company of my lovely friend Fra Maroz​ who wrote these fantastic reviews! Enjoy!😎 Latitude Festival 2017 Dance Roundup

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Open House Weekends 1,2 & 8,9 July

I’m excited to take part in East Finchley Open House weekends! Showing my beautiful pictures, greetings cards and newly printed wrapping paper! It’s one of my favorite events in a year, because I have a chance to talk to lots of people from my neighborhood. Let me explain you what this event is all about […]

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Hello world!

Hello World! I feel so excited to start this blog, overcoming one of my deepest fears of writing in public. 🙂 Well in fact not only writing in public but also talking in public and presenting anything in public.. I guess they are all related! As they say the fears we don’t face become our […]

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